The formation of the ILCC began in the spring of 1993 as the brain-child of Jerry Burrus and Bob Jahns. At that time, Bob had been operating a Greyhound adoption program, REGAP (Retired Greyhonds as Pets), and had built some homemade coursing equipment suitable for practicing the dogs on a small closed loop course. Bob had previous experience lure coursing and enjoyed the mechanical challenges of building functional equipment. Jerry had adopted a greyhound from Bob and the two started meeting in Paul Ruster Park to run their dogs. 

In May of 1993, Jerry suggested to Bob that they start their own lure coursing club. They reached out to other local Sighthound owners, did some local advertising in a free weekly publication, and held educational practice sessions called "Introduction to Lure Coursing." Through these efforts, they began recruiting potential club members. 

After a series of meetings and membership drives, the newly formed ILCC submitted an application for affiliate membership with ASFA, the primary sanctioning body, in 1994. In order to generate sufficient revenue to get started, it was agreed that for the first year that the ILCC would offer charter memberships of $75 as well as annual memberships. The charter memberships generated enough seed money to begin investing in better equipment, application fees to ASFA, and provide revenue for things like liability insurance and field usage fees.

ASFA required all affiliate clubs to hold a qualifying trial as a condition of membership. ILCC's qualifying trial was held in the summer of 1994 at the Sertoma Club property on German Church Road. We quickly discovered that finding suitable and affordable property was going to be an ongoing challenge.

The ILCC received full ASFA accreditation in 1995 and conducted several field trials at the Johnson County Park. ILCC held their first ASFA Region 6 Invitational there in October 1999.

ILCC has since added accreditation to hold AKC sanctioned Lure Coursing Tests/Trials and Coursing Ability Tests (CAT).